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  Experts say that some of our most innocent habits could induce serious damage to our skin。 With these little shifts, you’ll outsmart them all and stay smooth and lovely。


  1 Get the Right Indoor Lighting


  We know that the sun’s UV rays cause wrinkles, spots, and skin cancer - but now, news comes that taking shelter indoors doesn’t completely put your skin out of harm’s way。 “LED lightbulbs emit moderate levels of UV,” explains Mona Gohara, M.D。, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale University。 “And the overhead lighting in office buildings and stores gives off a type of light that can trigger melasma, a condition that causes brown patches on the face。” But before you resolve to live by candlelight, know this: Indoor lights are far less damaging to skin than the sun, and it’s easy to cut down your exposure at home。 Gohara suggests using low-wattage bulbs or energy-saving CFL bulbs, and installing dimmers for overhead lighting。 To protect skin once you leave the house, apply an antioxidant serum every morning

  我们都知道太阳发射出的紫外线会引起皱纹,雀斑,甚至引发皮肤癌,但是现在,有新闻报道说待在室内也不能完全保护你的皮肤不受光照伤害。耶鲁大学临床皮肤学副教授Mona Gohara博士 表示:“LED灯泡也能发射出中等强度的紫外线”,“而且办公楼或者店里的顶部照明设备发出的光会引发黄褐斑(长在脸上的一种褐色斑点)”。但当你已经决定在灯光下生活之前,你就得知道:室内光照对皮肤造成的伤害远小于太阳,而且在家更容易减少皮肤的暴露程度。Gohara建议使用低瓦数的灯泡或者节能荧光灯,或者安装架空照明调光器,如果要在出家门时保护皮肤,建议每天早晨涂一种含抗氧化剂血清的护肤品。

  2 Turn Down the Heat


  It sounds like something out of a sci-fi flick: Infrared radiation, or IR, is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we feel as heat。 “It releases from any object that gives off warmth, be it a grill or a steamy sidewalk - and the hotter something is, the more IR it produces,” says dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, M.D。, of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City。 So what’s the right balance for a youthful complexion? “You don’t have to toss out your blow-dryer or hot iron; just avoid high heat where you can,” Zeichner says。 “Don’t linger in front of a hot stove, and use a headset to chat on your mobile phone so the warm screen isn’t by your face。”

  红外辐射,或红外,这听起来像是一个科幻电影的东西,它是电磁波谱的一部分,在我们看来就是一种热的感觉。“任何发热的东西,像烤架或者是夏天潮湿的人行道都能释放出红外辐射,物体越热,释放的辐射越多” 纽约市西奈山医院皮肤病专家Joshua Zeichner博士说到。那么如何才能让年轻肌肤保持最恰当的平衡?“不必扔掉你的吹风机或者熨斗,只要尽量避免去到带高温高热的环境下就可以了”,Zeichner博士说“不要老待在热炉旁边,用手机和别人聊天的时候使用耳机,避免让发热的屏幕接触到你的脸”。

  3 Chuck the Gum


  Your third-grade teacher didn’t know it, but she was giving you great anti-aging advice when she told you to spit out your gum。 “The motions caused by constant gum chewing can lead to creases around the mouth, even sagging jowls,” says Macrene Alexiades, M.D。, president of the Dermatology & Laser Surgery Center of New York。 She suggests dialing back to once or twice a week, and chewing for no more than 10 minutes at a time。 If you usually grab gum to curb snack cravings, reach for a cup of peppermint tea or water with lemon instead。

  你三年级的老师肯定不知道,当她让你吐掉嘴里口香糖的时候实际上是在给你一个非常好的抗衰老建议“持续嚼口香糖引起的嘴部肌肉运动容易使嘴周围长出皱纹,甚至是下垂的双下巴”纽约皮肤病和激光手术中心主席Macrene Alexiades博士说。她建议每周可以嚼一到两次,每次嚼不超过10分钟。如果你需要经常嚼口香糖来抑制吃零食的欲望,那可以拿一杯薄荷茶或者柠檬水来代替

  4 Reduce Tech Neck

  和 “科技颈”说再见

  Our mobile devices may keep our lives in order, but they’re not so kind to the delicate skin on our neck。 One study found that on average, we check our phones a whopping 150 times a day, looking down each time。 “This repeated folding of the neck skin leads to premature wrinkles and a loss of elasticity there, known as ‘tech neck,’” says Zeichner - one more reason why dermatologists stress the importance of using a neck cream that has retinol or peptides twice a day to keep skin taut。 When checking your phone, hold it at eye level to avoid tilting your neck - or better yet, get off text and call your friend

  手机或许让我们的生活井井有序,但他们对我们颈部脆弱的皮肤可不那么友善。一项研究发现我们每天平均看手机的频率高达150次,每次都会低头。“颈部皮肤受到重复的折叠容易导致皱纹的过早出现以及皮肤的弹性流失,被称为‘科技颈’” Zeichner博士说。这也是为什么皮肤学家强调要一天两次使用含有视黄醇或肽的颈霜来保持皮肤紧绷重要性的另外一个原因。所以,当看手机的时候,要让手机与眼睛平视避免脖子弯曲,或者更好的办法就是不发消息,直接打电话。


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