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       The hair is parted on the right, making this side of the face more open while the right eye is slightly larger than the left. If you have one eye bigger than the other, which many people do, have that side towards the camera, as we expect things closer to us to look larger.


       Not everyone has a best side. But almost everyone's face is slightly asymmetric. People tend to turn the side they sleep on away from the camera as that's often more wrinkled.



       Squinching has been around for years: Marilyn Monroe was doing it in the Fifties, and Angelina Jolie and Drew Barrymore are mistresses of the art.


       Basically, it's about narrowing the eyes by bringing up the lower lids - as if you're staring at something in the distance. Only the lower lids move, though - not the eyebrows or any other part of the face. It feels very odd as you try to keep the rest of your features still, but the eyes look compelling in the final shot and even a little smoulder.



       A toothy grin won't do you any favours. Looking good in a picture isn't about looking happy; it's about creating a connection with the viewer. The best smile to adopt is one you could hold for an hour. For some, that will mean teeth are on show; for others, their mouth will be closed. It's about finding what's natural for you.



       The worst thing you could do is suck in your cheeks. The lips are tense and unnatural. Turn so your best side is at a 30-degree angle from the lens, then slightly drop the shoulder nearest to the camera. Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth towards the back. This will help to tighten the area underneath the chin. It feels a little strange, but the resulting photo is a revelation. All of a sudden, you have a defined, elegant jawline.



       Looking sultry, or seductive, is about really emphasising that squinch. The more you narrow your eyes, the better. As for the lips: You want to be saying the "T" of the word "Two" - as if you're about to kiss someone, with a tiny bit of air between your lips so they’re slightly pursed, but not pouting.


       The face looks smooth, the eyes draw you in and the mouth manages to look coy and flirty, but without the horrible pucker.



       You want to be slightly lower than the camera, so you're looking up at it, but not so much you're craning your neck. If you're looming over the camera, you can appear aggressive and masculine. Looking up totally changes the way your features are perceived.


       The expression didn't change between the two - only the camera angle. It's almost an optical illusion that the face seems in better proportion and you look more approachable.



       Having the chin pointing down creates wrinkles in the neck. Instead, create as much separation between your chin and neck as possible. Start by elongating the neck and jut your chin slightly forward. Also use the trick to make the face look thinner: place your tongue on the roof of your mouth to tighten the area underneath your chin.


       This is a definite improvement. Simply by tilting the head, the skin looks smoother, you look happier and the posture has improved dramatically. Result!

       这一招立竿见影。只要稍许歪下头,你的皮肤就更光洁,你看上去更快乐, 整体造型水平大幅提高。大功告成!




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