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  Types of Bread


  1. Sub 潜水艇面包

  A sub is a type of long bread that's commonly used in fast food sandwiches. Many native speakers might not know this, but the sub is named after the submarine (a ship that can go underwater) because they're similar in shape. You can also call a sub a wedge, hoagie, hero, grinder or many other names, depending on where in the world you are.


  2. Bun 小圆面包

  A bun is a round bread with a flat bottom and a rounded top. Buns are sometimes also called rolls. They're most commonly used for sandwiches or hamburgers.


  3. Muffin 松饼

  A muffin is somewhere between a small cake and a sweet bread. Some fast food restaurants sell them for breakfast, and they’re delicious when eaten with a coffee.


  4. Scone 司康饼

  More common in England, a scone is a small, lightly sweetened bread, often served with fruit and tea.


  5. Biscuit 饼干

  In North America, a biscuit is a small, round, unsweetened, soft bread. In the UK and Ireland, a biscuit or bisquit is hard and sweet, more like an American cookie. Knowing this can prevent disappointment!


  Side Dishes


  1. Sides 配菜

  The main part of a meal is called the main dish. Smaller items and snacks that are served with the main dish are called side dishes or sides.

  一顿饭的主要部分被称为主菜,配在一起吃的稍小一些的菜品和零食被称为配菜(side dishes or sides)。

  2. Condiments 佐料

  In addition to getting your meal, fast food places also have a range of condiments. Condiments are sauces and other things that are added after food is cooked to add to or enhance its flavor. Some condiments you probably know are ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, salt and pepper.


  3. Dressing 沙拉酱

  No, this isn't about putting on clothes! Salad dressing is the sauce you add to salad for flavor, like ranch dressing.


  4. French fries 炸薯条

  French fries are thinly sliced potato pieces which are fried or deep fried (covered completely in oil during cooking). They're usually served with ketchup or other condiments like BBQ (barbecue) sauce. In England, french fries are called chips, while in America the word chips is used to refer to thin potato crisps.


  5. Hash browns 洋葱土豆煎饼

  Hash browns are another potato side dish. They're made of potatoes and onions, which are cut into small slices, mixed together, shaped into a thin cake and fried until brown and crispy.


  6. Onion rings 洋葱圈

  Onion rings are cut onion circles that are deep fried into a crunchy, tasty treat.


  Types of Meat


  1. Burger 汉堡

  A burger, short for hamburger, is a patty made of meat (or tofu, in the case of vegetarian burgers).burger是hamburger的简称,是由肉(或者素食汉堡里的豆腐)制作成的肉饼。

  Burgers are usually served on buns with tomato and onion. The most common meat used to make hamburgers is beef. Although the ham in hamburgers makes it seem like burgers are made of pork, they can actually be made of pretty much any meat including turkey, beef and even chicken.


  2. Chicken nuggets 炸鸡块

  Chicken nuggets are small pieces of chicken that are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.


  3. Sausage 香肠

  A sausage is a long piece of processed meat, usually served with breakfast platters and sandwiches. The most common meat for sausage is pork, but turkey and chicken sausage is good too.


  4. Hot dog 热狗

  A hot dog is a type of sausage that has a distinctly long and thin shape. Hot dogs are usually served in a long bun with ketchup, mustard and relish (a condiment made with pickles).


  5. Bacon 培根(熏肉)

  Bacon is a very flavorful, thin slice of meat that's fried and usually served with breakfast dishes, especially with eggs.


  6. Angus beef 安格斯牛肉

  Some fast food restaurants boast that they serve Angus beef. Angus beef comes from a specific type of cow and is known for being flavorful and tender (soft). Keep in mind that some fast food restaurants mix their Angus beef with other, less expensive cuts of beef!





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