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  Here are 17 things successful people do before and over three-day weekends:


  1. They plan ahead


  Many successful people plan out their activities for the holiday weekend well in advance so that they are not drawn into the temptation of working, says Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of "The Humor Advantage." They make reservations, book tee times, or schedule activities with their kids.


  They’re strategic enough to have an action plan for the three-day weekend, but flexible enough to tackle any urgent work issues that may arise, says Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert and the author of "Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job."


  2. They prepare at work


  Most of what they do happens before they leave for a long weekend so that they are psychologically free to relax and enjoy it, Kerr says.


  This includes saying proper goodbyes to colleagues, cleaning up their office, finishing any pressing tasks, and creating a clear plan of action for when they return to the office so they can hit the ground running.


  3. They unplug


  Not only do they set guidelines, but truly successful people actually put their phones and laptops away - at least for part of the weekend.


  Don’t sit and stare at screens during your time off. Unplug and try to use as little technology as possible. It will help you sleep better and can keep your mind clear.


  4. They set technology guidelines


  Successful people set email and phone rules for themselves and the people they work with, so that people understand when, if at all, they will be available to respond or pick up.


  This can communicate to employees how critical it is for everyone to take a complete break, and that any and all work can wait, Kerr explains. "Although employees may assume this, they often need to hear it from their leader to be able to completely relax over a long weekend."


  5. They do a little bit of nothing


  With the breakneck pace of business all week long, many successful people do plan - but sometimes those plans include a little bit of nothing, Taylor says. "The workweek is about deadlines and meetings, so successful people enjoy having a block of time, or a day, to be uncommitted and unscheduled."


  6. They spend time with family and friends


  During the week, it’s hard to give focused attention to those you care about. "A three-day weekend lets you schedule this critical quality time," Taylor says.


  7. They exercise


  Successful people understand how important exercise is to their physical and mental health - so they don’t get lazy and skip their workouts over holiday weekends.


  8. They volunteer


  Many successful people find giving their time to worthy charitable groups or causes to be extremely rewarding.


  9. They get outdoors and enjoy nature


  A long weekend is the perfect time to get outside and breathe fresh air, especially after being relatively sequestered inside all week, Taylor explains.


  It doesn’t matter if it’s January or July - take advantage of the great outdoors.


  10. They plan ’staycations’ or quick weekend getaways


  Some successful people plan a mini vacation in their own backyard, Kerr says. "Staycations hold the appeal of still allowing for a complete mental break but without the added stress or planning involved in a trip somewhere away, wherein people run the risk of returning to work more exhausted than when they left."


  Another good option: Taking a short trip to a destination that only an hour or two away. This is a great way to visit a new place, but doesn’t require too much travel or planning.


  11. They engage in an activity that supports their passion


  This is a great time to unwind with your favorite pastime or hobby, whether it’s shopping, golfing, socializing, reading, painting, or something else, Taylor says. Do the things that make you happy; the things you don’t always have time for during the week or over a regular two-day weekend.


  12. They don’t think about work


  This is a big challenge for a lot of us - but the most successful people don’t stress about that upcoming presentation, or that missed deadline from the previous week. Instead, they focus on enjoying whatever it is they’re doing now.


  13. They recharge


  We all need to rest and recharge our batteries from time to time. Successful people use three-day weekends to do this.


  They do make plans and stay active - but they also make sure to catch up on sleep and schedule some free time at the end of the weekend to unwind.


  14. They sometimes switch days off


  Some successful people will take a different day off instead, and go in to work on the vacation day when they have the office to themselves and can get more work done without being distracted, Kerr explains.


  If you have the luxury of being able to do this it can be a double win - participating in personal activities when it’s quieter and getting more work accomplished at the same time.


  15. They think ahead


  On the last night of long weekends, many successful people think about the short week ahead and key goals they need to accomplish, Taylor says. And they do this without stressing themselves out.


  16. They protect their time


  Successful people know that their time is precious. That goes double for any time you have to yourself.


  So don’t stumble into time-sucking pitfalls over your three day weekend.


  Learn how to say no to plans that don’t interest you. Kick procrastinating to the curb. It might be the weekend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try out some time management strategies.


  Life’s too short to waste your time off.


  17. They enjoy themselves


  A miserable long weekend will probably spill over into the rest of your week. Try to focus on yourself a bit, at least for a portion of the three days you’ve got off. Do something that gives you fulfillment or pleasure.



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