20VC: 大写G Founder 大卫 Lawee on Why People Overvalue Diversification in Venture, Why Investment Clubs Are More Successful Than Investment Partnerships &成长基金如何考虑中国体彩官方网站组合的构建,损失率& Reserves

大卫 Lawee founded 大写G,Alphabet的独立成长基金,在2013年,借鉴了他在Google和连续企业家中的经验。从那时起,他就帮助将高潜力的初创公司转变为我们这一代最有价值的业务,包括Airbnb,Lyft,Snap,Robinhood,Credit Karma,Oscar,Lending Club和Thumbtack。在CapitalG之前, David 在Google的成长故事中发挥了关键作用–首先是Google的首席营销官,然后是企业发展的重要副总裁,带领他的团队为公司进行了100多次收购。



1.) How 大卫 made his way into the world of startups, came to be the first CMO @ Google 和 how that led to his founding 大写G?

2.)曾通过.com和08进行运营和中国体彩官方网站′, how has seeing the booms 和 busts impacted 大卫’s investing mindset? How does 大卫 think about temporal diversification today with 大写G? Why does 大卫 believe diversification is largely overrated?

3.) How does 大卫 think about portfolio construction today, given 大写G is a growth fund? How does 大卫 compare early-stage to growth today? How does 大卫 think about loss ratios at growth? How does 大卫 benchmark good vs great from a multiple perspective at growth?

4.) How does 大写G approach investment decision making today? How does 大卫 avoid consensus thinking/following the crowd when it comes to deals? Why does 大卫 believe investment clubs operate much more successfully than partnerships? How does that change the structure for 大写G?

5.) How has 大卫 seen himself evolve 和 develop as a board member of the years? What type of board member would 大卫 say he is today? How does that change with the founder? Who is the most memorable board member 大卫 has sat on a board with?


大卫’s Fave Book天生的犯罪:南非童年的故事 

大卫’s Most Recent Investment: 阿尔伯特

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